With only one more date to go this year it’s been a momentous season for Retro Ronnie Fairs. After the success of our Cirencester Toy & Train Fair, launched in 2014, we were a little nervous about branching out into another county, but the first of our new Didcot & Oxfordshire Toy Fairs in July went really well. Since then we’ve followed that with a second fair in the famous railway town in September, and we can now hope that the event, like Cirencester, will continue to grow.

“We received a really warm welcome from the people of Didcot,” says Tim Pearson, who organises our fairs with Ronnie Davies. “They seemed to be genuinely pleased that they have a toy fair in their area again, after a gap of several years. The decision to go for a Saturday also seems to have gone down well. Events like this staged on a Saturday are so much scarcer than Sundays, and in a town like Didcot, with good public transport and places nearby to visit, I think it worked.”

The entrance fee of just £2 has also been well received.  “We thought £2 was about the right charge to set,” thinks Tim. “It’s very cheap in comparison to other similar fairs, and we offer so much for collectors – and their families.” As well as the all-day catering, and the Valuation Roadshow, the fairs also now include a traditional sweet stall that’s proving popular with children of all ages!

While Didcot is the ‘new kid on the block’, Cirencester continues to build upon the excellent reputation it established soon after the first fair nearly two years ago. The Toy & Train Fair at the end of August was one of our best attended yet, and we had a hectic day of buying, selling and valuing. Here are just a few photos from the day …

Cirencester Toy & Train Fair, August 2015Cirencester Toy & Train Fair, August 2015We are delighted to be well ahead of the game this autumn and already have a full calendar of fairs booked for 2016. The schedule appears on all our pages – so there’s no excuse for missing one! The following dates are confirmed:

Cirencester Toy & Train Fair 2016 – always on a Sunday:
28th February, 3rd April, 28th August, 23rd October, and 11th December.

Didcot & Oxfordshire Toy Fair 2016 – always on a Saturday:
6th February, 7th May, 24th September, and 26th November.

We’re now gearing up towards our final fair of this year on Sunday December 20th, in Cirencester’s Bingham Hall. It’s already booking up solidly, and looks set to be our biggest yet. It will also be the last Toyfair of 2015, and only a few days before Christmas, so should be the perfect opportunity for some last-minute shopping, or a binge of pre-festivity indulgence! I can just imagine the Christmas cake and mince pies even now …