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Newsletter #19, August 2019

Retro Ronnie Newsletter #19

Back in August 2019, it seemed hard to believe that the summer was almost over, although the weather hadn’t exactly been very bright and cheery! We’d had a break from our own toy fairs, but that was all about to change with a return to Cirencester. It gave Ronnie Davies a chance to look back […]

Newsletter #16 – August 2018

The summer break of 2018 was almost over – even if the forecasters were still suggesting that the dry, sunny weather hadn’t deserted these shores completely. For Retro Ronnie, however, it was the start of the new ‘season’, with a return to The Bingham Hall for the third of our Cirencester Toy & Train Fairs […]

2nd February Didcot Cancelled!

The Didcot & Oxfordshire Toy Fair, scheduled to be held on Saturday 2nd February, has been cancelled by the venue management, citing adverse weather conditions and health and safety issues. Ronnie and Tim are hugely disappointed, but the matter has been taken out of their hands, not only by the weather, but also by the […]

The Toys are back in Town!

A brand new Toy & Train Fair steams into Swindon! With vintage toys and games proving to be among the most rewarding of current investments, Swindon based Retro Ronnie is launching a new Toy & Train Fair in the New Year, to meet an increasing demand from enthusiasts and collectors. While interest rates slowly creep […]