Shortly before one of our fairs we mail out a Newsletter to those on our subscribers’ list. Primarily, of course, it’s an opportunity for us to remind everyone that there’s another Retro Ronnie Toyfair coming up, but we also try to make it interesting and informative.

Retro Ronnie Fairs newsletter

As well as that all-important reminder, we also include short articles that we hope will be of interest. If one of our dealers has told us of a very special item they’ll be bringing along, then we may give that a mention, or if we’ve signed up a new stallholder with great stock, then that too might get a plug. Perhaps there’s been a significant auction result recently – a Dinky selling for thousands over estimate – or a miraculous discovery like, say, a Kenner Star Wars figure of a Jawa in a green vinyl cape, and we’ll feature that.

We make several promises. Firstly, subscribers won’t face a deluge of emails – they’ll receive a Newsletter just once in a while. We usually mail out just four or five each year. Secondly, we won’t share email addresses with anyone else – never. Thirdly, subscribers can opt out at any time, simply by asking us to delete their email from the mailing list. We want subscribers to enjoy receiving the Newsletter just as much as we look forward to our next fair.

If you’d like to subscribe to our Newsletter, simply fill in the form on the right. This is a special plug-in that occasionally, doesn’t work, depending on your browser … that’s technology for you! If you can’t see the form, then visit the Contacts page and send us a message instead.