One of the most popular ‘sideshows’ at our regular Toy & Train Collectors’ Fairs is the Valuation Roadshow.

This is a free service that we offer to visitors to our fairs which encourages collectors to bring along a selection of the choicest items from their collection and have them appraised by our team of experts.

When you group together thirty or forty top dealers and place them under one roof, that gathering of minds represents a huge wealth of expertise and knowledge. Many of our dealers have tens of years of experience in the trade, and they understand not only the intricacies of their specialist areas, but also the trends in the market and current prices.

Cotswold Toyfairs

If you’d like to have your prized items valued, then bring them along to one of our fairs, and seek out either Tim or Ronnie, who will be happy to help. You never know — you might be the owner of a rare treasure!

Also, don’t forget that many dealers may be interested in buying fresh stock. See our page on Buying & Selling.